Executive Director

As Founder of the Indonesian Energy and Environmental Institute (IE2I), Thonthowi has had more than 16 years of working experience in mass media. He has worked at Republika, TEMPO, and Jurnal Nasional. Thonthowi once managed EKSPLO magazine, a magazine which reviews issues related to energy, oil and gas, and mining. His last position in the field of media was as Editor-in-Chief of the Business Review.

His experiences as a journalist and editor in several media companies has given him a wide perspective and knowledge on various backgrounds and topics. Outside his work as a journalist, an alumni in Chemistry in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences from the Institute of Technology Surabaya (ITS), Thonthowi was once offered to become the Head of Mass Media Relations in the ITS Alumni Association. He was a former Chairman of the Student Senate FMIPA ITS (1991 – 1992) and also became the Editor-in-Chief of ITS magazine.

In the management of Mass Media Relations in the ITS Alumni Association from 2011 – 2015, Thonthowi was the Vice Secretary General. Born in Lumajang, 1 January 1971, Thonthowi was once Secretary of the Institute for Policy Studies and Industrial Technology TENOV, an autonomous body under Mass Media Relations in the ITS Alumni Association. TENOV once helped initiate the utilization of Blue Energy, a program which was supported by the former Vice Minister of Energy and Mineral Reosurces of Indonesia (Widjajono Partowidagdo).

During his time as a practicioner and a communication and public relations consultant, Thonthowi was active in giving communication and journalism training for various groups. He also worked in the communciations program of various companies and agencies including Indonesia’s State-Owned Enterprise on Gas (PGN), Indonesia Power, Ministry of Education and Culture, Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKKMigas), and also the Directorate General of Oil and Gas in the Ministry of Energy and and Mineral Resources of Indonesia (ESDM).

Thonthowi’s experiences in mass media has made him capable of managing his clients issues especially once it comes to energy and the environment.