Satya Hangga Yudha, Dirikan Lembaga Kajian Energi dan Lingkungan untuk Negeri

USIANYA masih sangat muda. Ketika anak-anak milenial sepantarannya tengah sibuk dugem, Satya Hangga Yudha Widya Putra B.A. (Hons), MSc, demikian putra politisi senior Golkar Satya W. Yudha ini, malah sibuk memikirkan dan mengkaji energi serta dampaknya terhadap lingkungan lewat organisasi yang didirikannya, Indonesian Energy and Environmental Institute (IE2I). Organisasi didirikan bersama

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Indonesia’s Energy Sector

Satya Hangga Yudha Widya Putra is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Global Affairs with a concentration in Environment/Energy Policy at New York University Unlike most countries around the world, Indonesia is a democratic archipelagic nation that comprises of 256 million people, 34 provinces, 13,000 islands, and more

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Indonesia should make nuclear energy a viable option

Satya Hangga Yudha Widya Putra Indonesia is a democratic archipelago nation that consists of 255 million people, 13,000 islands, separated into 34 different provinces. It is a resource-rich country with a demographic dividend and a growing economy. As a nation, Indonesia still relies heavily on fossil fuels as a primary

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Indonesia Post-COP21

Satya Hangga Yudha Widya Putra Conference of Parties 21, more commonly known as COP21, was a climate change conference in Paris that took place from November 30 to December 11 last year. This large gathering of over 196 countries was aimed at accomplishing a legally binding and unanimous agreement on

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