Following Indonesia’s recent commitments to the 21st Conference of Parties (COP 21) in December 2015, consisting of the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 29% compared to a business as usual scenario by 2030, and up to 41% with international support, we acknowledge that climate change is a pressing issue, which need to be addressed. Our motto Bersama Kita Bisa, translates to “Together We Can”, delivers the sense of unified commitment and willingness to transform Indonesia for the better as this is a multi-sectoral problem, one that needs to be solved together.


The Indonesian Energy and Environmental Institute (IE2I) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) based in Jakarta, Indonesia. This institution has been established since August 2016, dedicated to combat global warming and mitigate its negative consequence of climate change.

Our Vision | Aims

IE2I stands firm in acknowledging that the combination of efforts in bettering the energy and environmental sector will be sufficient solutions to the climate change problem. Our overarching aim is to create a sustainable future for Indonesia through: effective communication, education, training and research.

Our Mission | Objectives

IE2I seeks to accomplish its vision by adopting the following main approaches:

1) Effective communication is achieved through the establishment and participation in focus group discussions (FGDs) and Conferences covering relevant topics relating to energy and the environment, in Indonesia. An interdisciplinary approach is ensured for these discussions, thus requiring representatives from all relevant sectors (i.e: private, public, NGO, education institution, and other sectors alike) to come together, project their individual perspectives, and draw solutions to the problem of discussion.

2) Our training and education component is reflected through our social programs, in co-operation with Ministries, State – Owned Enterprises (SOEs), and companies alike.

IE2I works with local/global communities to campaign for “Cleaner Seas, Cleaner Air and Cleaner Environments – Together We Can!” with the help of our regional ambassadors. This consists of educating society with regards to sustainability practices, and ensures that the environment is looked after (through the implementation of these practices) in their respective areas.

3) Research on topics relating to energy and the environment.